A Call for help!

Hey Friends, it's been a long time.
A lot has happened in the last 4 years, yes?

I came here before looking for some help a couple of years ago and you all helped to make it happen so, I'm going to try again.

I'm now a farmer in Michigan and we need to raise some funds to keep doing what we love.

Please check out our fundraiser page, donate if you can, and spread the word!

Much love!

I miss you guys!

Happy birthday to our December babies. I figured its time for a status update!

1. How old is your toddler?

2. How are you doing?

3. What's going on in your life this week(can be kid-related or just anything you'd like to share)?

4. Appointments, Playdates, Activities?

5. Picture(s)?

6. What's something cute/fun your toddler is up to this week?

7. What made you/your toddler happy this week?

8. What made you/your toddler not so happy this week?

9. Special birthday question: How will/did your toddler celebrate their birthday?

And of course:

Sibling Status Update!

1. How is toddler doing with their sibling (or the idea of it)?

2. How are YOU doing?

3. How far along are you/how old is your baby?

4. Belly picture/ultrasound pic/baby picture(s)?

5. What challenges are you facing with your toddler and your pregnancy/baby?

6. What makes you happy about your toddler and your pregnancy/baby?

7. What new things is your baby up? Any milestones?

sleepy babe

It's only been like 2 years....

So I haven't checked in here in like 2 years or so but I saw some pictures of Mr. Elliot and thought I should stop in. Willow will be 3 next month and started speech therapy last week. She's about 8 month behind in her speech and her pediatrician is pretty sure she has ADHD but we're waiting until she's a bit older for an official diagnosis. She also refuses to potty train and drives me crazy but she's still an awesome kid :)

Zach and I have been together for almost 2 years now (Willow's dad left us at 4 days old) and in June we welcomed 2 new additions to our little family with identical twins Ella and Madeline. They were definatly a surprise considering the health department told me it was one baby and 6 days before they were born decided to do an ultrasound and SURPRISE there were two of them. They were born at 37wks5d and weighed 5lbs15o 18 1/2in and 5lbs13oz 18in. They're beautiful and healthy and the love of Willow's life.

Miss Willow

Newborn Twinnies

Twinnies last week

I'm going to go through and check up on everyone and their little ones!

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I haven't checked in...oh..in forever. lol

Xander started first grade. Aerith has pre-k screening on Thursday. 2 weeks ago she just decided oh, hey, I'ma potty train now.

Me? Oh..back in school, working on my bachelor's degree. Joe and I are still separated. The bank is taking my house...so I get to move in with my parents for a couple of months while I look for a place. Wonderful.

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december morning

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How dark is it in your kid's room at night time?

What do you use as a light source?

Luna has a twilight turtle and I really like it. It was originally for the older kids but once she started sleeping in her room we gave it to her and have had our older two (4 and 8 yrs) using one of those colored rope lights. The problem is the rope light is bright and wound around the bunk beds. I've started trying to get my oldest up at school time this week and have been having a ton of trouble. When I asked her why she told me it's too bright at night and she has a hard time falling asleep. I don't blame her. With all the lights off and it being dark outside their room is still fairly well lit with the rope light. It looks like early afternoon in there with the shades down, probably enough light to read something by and definitely distracting to a sleepy 8 year old.

My first thought was to replace the rope light with Christmas lights, but they are almost as bright and I don't like how hot they can get if they're left on for awhile. My second thought was to take the twilight turtle back from Luna because its dimmer and turns itself off. The problem with that would be that she still needs it, so I'd have to buy a second one. I almost ordered one off Amazon this morning but I thought I'd ask what you all use before I did that.

I'm looking for a night light that is around the same dimness as the twilight turtle. It should be brighter and further reaching than the simple kind that just plugs into and sits directly over an outlet. It would help if it did not turn off on it's own (my main issue with the turtle), but if it does I can deal with that. Any suggestions?

Speech Therapist

Noah finally met with a speech therapist on Tuesday.  After an hour and half of tests they concluded that when it comes to receptive language he's in the 99th percentile and testing at the levels of a 5 year old.  But, when it comes to expressive language, he's in the 1st percentile and testing as a one year old.  They diagnosed him with Childhood Apraxia pretty confidently.  

I've been trying to do some research in the past few days, but I was just wondering if any of the mommies in the group have had or know someone who has had experience dealing with Apraxia.  I'm trying really hard to focus on the fact that he'll be starting speech therapy soon and get the help that he needs to learn how to verbally communicate properly and not focus on how scary it is to find out that something is "wrong" with my child.  The disorder definitely seems to fit Noah, but I can't help but still expect him to just start talking randomly one day.  :/

If anyone out there has any personal experiences or resources they could share with me, I'd be super appreciative.  I'm usually Little Miss Research, but I just started subbing at my husband's school so I don't really have time during the day like I normally do.  

Thanks in advance for anyone with stories or suggestions.  :)